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Speech & Presentation Training for Business

Most professionals who use communication routinely at work face practical challenges. In view of this, Praesentia offers a wide array of communication tools that can be picked up and used quickly. We design our materials to be clear and concise, in language that is simple and accessible, maintaining focus on the benefits of practice, both within the group setting and in the daily lives of our delegates. By not overwhelming candidates with excessive technical information, it allows each new skill to be experimented with and absorbed, before moving on to further learning. We give people the personalised support needed to implement lasting change.

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Personalised support to become the most effective and confident communicator that you can be! Contact us today for a free consultation: explore your goals and find out how we can achieve them with a personally tailored process.

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Communication is not simply a way of getting along in life; it is the heart of it. It is by thousands of percent the superior factor in understanding every aspect of life and being successful. We naturally revere the great artist, writer or musician, and society as a whole sees them as not quite ordinary beings. And they are not. But the knowledge and skilled use of communication is not just for the artist; it’s for everyone. By giving articulation to our deepest thoughts and feelings, we make them more real for ourselves, and can share these treasures with those around us. In studying the whole subject of communication, one is apt to discover that very few people around us are communicating effectively. And many who think they are communicating, are not.

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Praesentia Training Founder, Actor & Coach Theo Devaney

Theo Devaney trained at the Oxford School of Drama from 2002 to 2005. As a professional actor he has appeared in major TV, Film and Theatre productions in the UK, the US and Canada. His work on Supernatural, Psych and A Christmas Prince can currently be viewed on Netflix. Prior to his TV and Film work he spent 8 years working regularly in UK Theatre. Alongside his creative work as an actor, Theo has extensive experience working in corporate training and facilitation. In 2015 Theo joined a leading London-based communication skills company, leaving to work independently in 2016. He has since conducted over 1000 hours of one-to-one and group communication training. Previous clients include managers and executives from: Goldman-Sachs, Morgan Stanley, BNP Paribas, HSBC, RBS, Hellman & Friedman, Appirio, Hive Learning, AMC Europe, B3, Regester Larkin by Deloitte, the British Army, UK Border Agency, The Garnett Foundation, Channel 4 THINKBigger!, SOAS University of London, Wright & Wright Architects, Madeleine Milburn Literary Agency, Bit Zesty Ltd. Theo believes there is no limit to a person’s potential as a powerful, skilled and accomplished communicator, if they’re willing to commit themselves to self-expression and connecting with those around them. In Praesentia, he brings together acting technique and the latest learning methodologies - including sequencing, online learning and self-instruction - giving his clients the tools to build their confidence and skill long into the future. For more information about Theo's creative projects please visit www.TheoDevaney.com

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