February 27, 2018

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Communication Skills for Business

Most professionals who use communication routinely at work face practical challenges. In view of this, we offer a wide array of communication tools that can be picked up and used quickly. We design our materials to be clear and concise, in language that is simple and accessible, maintaining focus on the benefits of practice. Our philosophy is to give people the personalised support needed to implement lasting change.

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A ‘Coaching’ Mindset for Individuals & Groups

Our coaches have a background in one-to-one communication skills training, which helps in identifying the needs and drives of individuals.

Whilst we understand the need for individual attention and support, for many companies group training solutions are more practical. Group learning has several intrinsic advantages, such as:

* Each delegate can practice a new technique in-the-moment with a supportive audience.

* Observing others’ practice is a great way to learn.

* One person does not feel continuous pressure to “perform”. Having time to listen, observe and reflect, without being under the coach’s continual gaze, allows space for useful insights to occur.

Our preferred group size of 6-8 people ensures that one should never feel marginalized, unsupported or overwhelmed.

‘Sequenced’ Training

Praesentia operates differently from other management and presentation skills training companies. Most companies charge a fee for an individual day of training and supporting materials. This process gets the training done in a single day, allowing everyone back to work as soon as possible.

We feel that this style of training is less effective as it puts too much onus on the individual trainee to be responsible for the long-term application of the new, hastily-acquired skills; something which is very difficult to do without guidance. Unless a person has some foundational knowledge of the subject, the amount of learning delivered in a single session is unlikely to be absorbed, reflected upon and applied thereafter.

We believe in a more ‘sequenced’ approach to skills training, which paces the acquisition and application of new skills over a slightly longer time frame. This allows delegates space and time to reflect upon the new learning and apply it in their working lives; which in turn ensures better integration of the new skills and therefore more effective, lasting behavior-change.

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How it Works

A typical session would run for 3 hours, and we would schedule a minimum of 3 sessions on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, with groups of up to 8 candidates. This method has the following advantages:

* Limiting numbers in each group ensures that people get individual attention.

* Sequenced sessions over a regular period ensures support and guidance from the coach and feedback from fellow group members.

* Each session includes a before/after video recording demonstrating tangible results both on the day and from the beginning to end of the course.

* The sequenced approach allows the coach to increasingly respond to the individual needs of delegates, giving each person a more tailored experience.

* A delegate is unlikely to miss out on new skills due to being ‘overloaded’ by information on a single day.

* The amount of time delegates spend in training – or working hours lost – does not increase.

Another major advantage of this style of learning is that it automatically adapts to the needs of the individual, as they discover what is working for them and where they can grow. When they return to the 2nd or 3rd sessions after periods of reflection and practice, they always have self-identified questions, goals and challenges, as well as unique personal processes for developing their ability.

Tailored Experience

Whilst we believe strongly in the benefits of sequenced training, there are many ways to tailor the course to your needs, by balancing several options:

* Objectives of your training for the delegates and your business

* Modules you choose for your delegates

* Time (# of weeks or months) allocated for the training

* Number of participants

* Length in hours of each session (We recommend 2-4 hour sessions as a guide)

* Amount of individual feedback required for each delegate

* Ongoing mentoring or further consultation beyond completion of the course

Getting the ball rolling…

At Praesentia our central purpose is to instill a lasting foundational understanding of human interactive skills. We want to unlock the unique potential of the people we work with and help them to develop themselves beyond completion of the course. We don’t just encourage people, we foster the desire and the confidence for them to self-instruct.

This means that after a course with us, each participant will have begun their own personal journey towards maximising their potential as communicators, with skills that can be honed and built upon independently. This is the ongoing value to individuals and businesses that we take particular pride in delivering.