Madeleine Milburn, Literary Agent

‘Learning from Theo was a life-changing experience. He makes you feel so relaxed, creating a very easy environment to learn in. I now feel I have more authority and integrity in every social and professional situation.’

Oli Juste, Dog Behaviourist:

Theo is friendly, smart (yet very accessible) and motivational. It really felt the work we did together was completely bespoke to my needs. Having worked as a trainer myself for years, I understand the importance of keeping a professional relationship and having a strong feeling of accountability with your teacher or trainer, whilst still getting-on and having fun. Theo juggled this beautifully. I could not recommend Theo enough. He’s brilliant!

Edwin Abl, SaaS Entrepreneur & CMO

‘Praesentia continues to provide evolving solutions to my communication challenges. So far, he’s enabled me to confidently engage large audiences of business leaders as well as drive productive meetings within my own organisation.  As well as introducing Praesentia to colleagues and their teams, I continue to mine Theo for ever more valuable insights!’

Laura Paplauskaite, BitZesty

I would recommend Theo to anyone who needs to hone their public speaking or general communication skills. Theo is brilliant at putting me at ease – working with him is always fun. I no longer avoid presentations or dread pitches – in fact, I view them as an opportunity to practice my (newly acquired) skills.