February 22, 2018

who we are

Praesentia was launched by Theo Devaney in 2018. Through Praesentia, Theo hopes to harness a new understanding of learning techniques, such as sequencing, to put the learner in the driving seat of their own development.

Theo trained at the Oxford School of Drama from 2002 to 2005. As a professional actor, he has appeared in major TV, Film and Theatre productions in the UK, the US and Canada.

Theo’s career as a communicator began with a harsh school report when he was 6 years old, advising him to work on his speech, diction and vocabulary. Apparently, his thick south London accent and coarse language (picked up from his Nan) upset teachers and children alike.  The initial self-consciousness caused by this triggered a psychological inclination toward clear and expressive speech that has persisted to the present time. 

By halfway through secondary school Theo was playing Shakespearean leads, winning school prizes for public speaking, acting and live singing. He went on to win admission to the Oxford School of Drama on a government Dance and Drama scholarship, aged 19.

One of Theo’s central motivations in his coaching work is to help people to feel in control of their own self-expression, to be able to adapt their communication style to different circumstances, and to really enjoy the process of sharing their thoughts with others, building connections at home and at work.

Since 2015, Theo has amassed over 1000 hours of 1 to 1 coaching: helping people from all over the world to communicate effectively in English, to speak publicly, interview with confidence and to manage high-stakes interactions.